Morning Waltz: “Buongiorno a te”

Every morning,

the sun says, “Wake up like me!”

The sky says, “Aim high like me!”

The wind says, “Freshen everybody like me!”

And I say, “Good morning!”

– Unknown

Like dawn dissipating the night sky, “Buongiorno a te”, or “Good Morning to You”, awakens hearts and ears to the euphoria of existence. The waltz vocalized by Luciano Pavarotti transcends a mere hearty greeting as it ascends into affirmations of life’s goodness.

The song welcomes us with a cup of warm, inviting café au lait (“Boungiorno al latte ed al caffè”, or “Good morning to milk and coffee”) and joyously embraces the minutiae of the new day (“Buongiorno voce, vita mia, buongiorno fantasia!”, or “Good morning voice, my life, good morning imagination!”). Bountiful salutations continue pouring forth (“Good morning my dear brothers. Good morning to you all!”) until they overflow into a cheerful metaphor of life as a festive dance to which all listeners receive an invite (“It’s a new day for you also, celebrate it with me!”).

The sweeping melody soars on the wings of Mr. Pavarotti’s tenor and carries us into the exosphere of rhapsody, a place where morning mundanities like brushing our teeth, making our bed, and fighting the workday rush hour become exciting adventures to embrace with unrestrained gusto.

Curmudgeons, beware, lest this sunrise turns your frown upside down.

From the album ti adoro

Written by Michele Centonze,

Veris Giannetti, and Stefano Nanni

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