Mission Statement

To encourage love, peace, & humanity on our planet.


“Love Lives Forever.”


Benevolence– Kindness unto others; the disposition to do good.

Divinity – Godliness; of or like God; harmony with God.

Faith – Allegiance to God; entrusting God with the unmanageable; following God’s guidance and leadership.

Fortitude – Strength in five manifestations:

  • Abstinence for temptation.
  • Courage for fear.
  • Mercy for the transgressor.
  • Patience for vexation.
  • Perseverance for adversity.

Lucidity – Divine wisdom; clarity of vision; present-mindedness.

Providence – Stewardship of our planet; providing for the future.

Purity – Absence of sin; freedom from mundanity; cleanliness of thought, word, and deed.