State of the World

The light shone through the darkness, and the darkness could not overcome it.

– John 1:5

Nearly 8 billion of us cohabitate on this planet. And collectively, we have placed ourselves on the precipice of an apocalypse. The self-inflicted lacerations from terrorism, war, and ecological destruction threaten to morph into gaping wounds that will hemorrhage the very life out of our existence.

Does hope exist?


But the hope must start with love. Love and respect for one another irrespective of differences in language, gender, or any other social construct. Love and respect for the planet we share. And it must start immediately.

The Internet and cross-national interdependence have rendered isolationism, nativism, and social indifference obsolete. As the recent pandemic has demonstrated, what impacts one will inevitably impact another, even if the two in question reside half a world apart.

Therefore, it must be all of us. Else, ultimately, it will be none of us.

For Skykeepers, this period is a preseason. It is an occasion to burnish communication skills, acclimate to the nuances of the various social-media platforms, and, most importantly, exercise agape, that selfless love that gives without expectation of reciprocation.

The postings and videos ensuing during this spell will have little, if any, firsthand impact on the aforementioned ills of our time. But they will serve as vehicles to a higher good, i.e., a means to a greater end.

Right now, Skykeepers is but a flickering beacon in a wilderness of cacophony and obscurity. Time will tell how brightly this light will shine.

God bless.

===Al (Skykeepers)

June 07, 2021